Maria 01 believes that the best way to drive digital innovation is to tap directly into the startups and talent re-inventing industries. We think that the most beneficial setup for any established player is to have a true startup ecosystem player supporting them in connecting to and working with the startup world.

We are here to make sure that your startup engagement approach and strategy is right, that your team is well-connected, and stays well-networked within the startup environment. We create a comfortable framework for you to work with startups fast and get tangible results out of it.

Our offering is focused on three key tracks: Open Innovation, Intrapreneurship, and Services for Startups.


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The pre-made models are based on the Soft-landing membership and range of 3 tracks to choose from.

Soft-landing Membership

Our Soft-landing Membership gives you all the necessary access to Maria 01 campus. It includes branding & communications, data & information from member companies and connections to the ecosystem.

Our model is comprised of three different tracks you can choose from based on your needs.

Open Innovation

We will help you partner up with early-stage or mature teams to improve your existing models or introduce new products to your service model.

Services for Startups

We will help you build or improve your offering towards startups or growth companies. Together we will develop a funnel to reach and capture your desired target group.

Internal Transformation

We will help you create internal programs and activities for your employees that will awake their entrepreneurial mindset.


We are working with the following corporate partners:

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