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Telia & Maria 01: From 4G to 5G and Beyond!

Written by Mika Raitola Read time 3 min

On this personal announcement from Mika Raitola from Telia, we get to find out the wishes and expectations behind the new partnership between Maria 01 and Telia.

Telia & Maria 01: From 4G to 5G and Beyond!

I can proudly announce that Telia is now a partner of Maria 01.

I work at Telia with startups. For a few years we have been looking into the Helsinki startup scene, and after Maria 01 started, it soon became evident that it will be the leading startup campus in Helsinki.

A year ago, I had a couple wishes for our startup cooperation. One was to work with Maria 01 in one way or another. Now we’re there, so it’s a tick in the box, right?

No. This is just a start, and now we have to make a success out of this cooperation, both for Maria 01 and Telia.

For Telia, there are resources (read: time and money) involved, thus we need to find value in the partnerships and the work we do with the community. I also want to build this partnership way beyond the obligatory logo on the Maria 01 web page and marketing materials.

We are a telco with a strong market presence in the Finnish consumer and business markets. Commercializing digital services is our business, and we are a strong marketing and communications channel. When it comes to networks and related technology, that’s something we know like our own pockets. This is what we bring to this partnership.

The new and important stuff for us is 5G. 5G is the next big thing in wireless connectivity. It brings much more capacity, with user throughputs of Gigabits per seconds. It also decreases the mobile network end-to-end delay into a of couple milliseconds. This may sound that 5G is just a faster network. If you think this from the existing services viewpoint, like Netflix, it can sound like a “same but faster” upgrade.

The view changes, when you start to imagine what you can create when you combine fiber-like minimal delay and massively increased capacity in mobile networks. Imagine distant data processing, with instant reactions for high bandwidth services. This actually enables new services and can change your business in unforeseen ways.

Ever since we started working on 5G, my vision has been that it should be done together with startups — now this will happen. Last week we launched a networking initiative, 5G Finland. It is an open invitation to companies and organizations to take Finland to the 5G era. This invitation is intended also, and especially, for start-ups. We have already a bunch of companies discussing cooperation: smaller companies, larger organizations, and customers.

Our aim is to create business opportunities within this network and bring technology available to our partners. The latter means first NB-IoT network, and later 5G. For 5G we have a world-class partner, Nokia, and their 5G laboratory. Two other partners announced at the start are Tekes and Maria 01.

You might ask yourself what your startup will benefit from 5G Finland. The answer is, first technology, then partners, and possibly customers. Also, maybe something for your brand: working with bigger companies, visibility around the first 5G.

With me here at Maria 01, I have two excellent colleagues, Esa and Lotta. Esa has a very strong experience of Finnish consumer markets and Lotta brings the energy and the millennial view to our team.

Did you get interested? Check our website, fill in the contact form — Or just ask from us!

About Telia

In just a few years, Telia has grown from a traditional telecom operator to a modern media and technology company. Today, they are the largest TV company in the Nordic countries and one of Finland’s leading ICT companies providing services to companies. One third of all internet traffic in the world passes through their backbone network.