Startups: This Is How You Nail Video Marketing

Video is an easy form of communication for people to view a message, compared to reading a blog post, that requires more time and concentration. Here are a few recommendations on how to get started and take advantage of Video Marketing by Joel Hypén, CEO at AdLaunch.

AdLaunch was one of the companies that made it to the top 3 of Slush 100 list at Slush 2017. When listening the last pitch by AdLaunch’s Joel Hypén at Slush — one thing was clear that day, this AI-powered video editing tool with unlimited amounts of stock footage, would for one, have a huge impact on how companies with smaller budgets produce video and the speed in which just one video is produced.

We had the chance to have a chat with Joel, who has useful insights and tips on Video Marketing — which is promised to be a huge trend in the upcoming years (it already is). Furthermore, we will bring forward how startups can make a better use of their resources while at the same time keeping up with the trends.

“If we think of big name brands who order production companies and spend a substantial amount of money in professionally taken video — having a very limited budget and time is something that every startup founder shares.”

With confidence, it can be said that it is noticeable the increasing amount of video content we see every day on social media. Nowadays, you can upload video to almost every social media platform and make basic edits. The amount of content being pushed every day has shortened our attention spans and the quicker we consume that content the better.

The speed of the internet has improved enormously together with the option of storing in the cloud. Furthermore, smartphones are also capable of recording good video quality — it seems that  this trend is in our hands.

According to HubSpot Research, 54% of consumers want to watch more videos from the brands they support, while at the same time video content is often more memorable than text or images — which presents a huge opportunity for your business and product to get more noticed if done properly.

“Video is a very easy form of communication for people to view a message, compared to reading a blog post that requires a lot more time and concentration. ”

So, how can you get started on Video Marketing?

1). Make a List of Keywords

When thinking of going for video content, you can’t forget keywords because this is how you want to be associated with on search engine results. Thinking of the best keywords that describe your product or brand are just the beginning in becoming an authority for some of those topics in a way that matters.

“Choose keywords that aren’t the most competitive. Something realistic that within the next two years can substantially improve your search ranking. Plan your content around those keywords.”

2). Commit to a Schedule

Commitment is always the beginning of anything big. In fact, this is something you are currently doing with your overall content strategy and with video, this is no different.

“I see it sometimes in different companies, that are not only doing video ads but have completely shifted to doing their quarterly stock announcements in video forms. There is definitely a big shift in video in general.”

3). Combine both Video and Written Content

Planning a video strategy is also about efficiency — that is why you should consider utilizing your written content as video content and vice versa. At the end of the day written content is still a big chunk of helping you boost SEO.

“As part of our Content Strategy, we started off with the concept of writing a blog post, that would later on work as the script for a YouTube video and later turned into small snippets of info for Instagram and Twitter. Rather than investing a lot of time and money in doing just one thing, I think companies and especially startups should learn to re-purpose their content.”

4). Be Platform Specific

Every single platform has their own native format. For example, on Instagram, you will find 3 different lengths for profile video (60 seconds), Instagram story (15 seconds) and live video (1 hour). Thus it is important you understand the native features of each platform.

“Facebook defaults the audio on mute so don’t start off a video with a person talking, because when people swipe through the feed, unless there is something very engaging they might never put the audio on. Those are things to take into account format specific wise.”

5). Adjust the Video Length

It is important to start from a harsh perspective — Facebook view average is 11 seconds per video, so don’t go for making content that is so long that people won’t watch.

“If there is content you can’t squeeze in 10 seconds create a teaser or trailer about it as a preview for the full-length version. You could then buy Facebook boosts for the teaser and the call to action would be to go see the full-length version.”

6). Remember your Call to Action

If you are selling something, adding a call to action button on each video should always be part of your plan — of course, you want to make sure each of your videos convert into something according to your company goals.

“Whether that call to action is getting a person to start a trial or buying your product, will depend a lot on what the service or product is. You should always think about the business objective of that one video. Think always about meaningful conversion, otherwise, it is hard to justify the money and time spent, and that is something startups can’t afford to do.”

If you are looking forward to start your own video marketing strategy we hope that these tips will guide your initial steps and that you learn along the way, what works and what doesn’t. Keep in mind to check out the AdLaunch platform as their pricing is extremely affordable and you can easily test it out by registering for free.

About AdLaunch

AdLaunch is a cloud-based video creation software that lets you create videos directly in your browser. With AdLaunch, you can easily create a stunning marketing video in minutes by mix-and-matching stock images, video clips and music tracks.

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