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Sharing is Caring: Welcome to Join Maria 01 Online Business & Wellbeing Sessions

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Maria 01 has made all its previously available member-only events, open to the public. In this article you will find out how to join our sessions.

Sharing is Caring: Welcome to Join Maria 01 Online Business & Wellbeing Sessions

Startups in our community are struggling. We have reached out to founders, CEOs, team members, investors, etc, and we are all in the same boat: this is the time to provide as much value as we can to all those startup companies we can reach in our network.

Our team has been focusing on creating content based on the needs and struggles of our community. For that reason, we launched the guide A COVID-19 Survival Guide for Startups and Growth Companies in Finland“. However, with that being the least we could do, we decided to scale the reach of our existing “Office Hours” concept.

The concept of our Office Hours is based on hosting one on one meetings once a week to our community facilitated by an expert from our partner network (service providers & strategic partners). You can see here some of the companies that belong to our expert network.

After discussing internally that the situation we are all going through is rather extraordinary, we decided to open up all the sessions and encourage you to join them.

If the popularity of some sessions increase, we are happy to increase the frequency. We will adapt.

Here’s how it works:

  • Maria 01 Office Hours: During office hours, our experts will meet you online and answer your questions on areas such as HR, marketing strategies, cyber issues, financial management, legal, and more. We want to help startups progress faster and bring their business to the next level. The sessions have a limited capacity, all you have to do is follow the sign-up instructions inside the event description.
  • Maria 01 Wellbeing Sessions: This is a new workshop series on topics related to wellbeing, mental health and creativity and how these relate to business so that we can build the present and create the future we want based on informed decisions. The package includes online discussions and yoga classes.

We hope these are useful. Remember to share these with someone you think can benefit from them. Browse all the sessions here.