Maria 01 Impact Report 2023

Maria 01 Impact Report 2023

The Maria 01 Impact Report is an annual publication and a comprehensive report on Maria 01’s activities throughout the preceding years. The report gives the reader a look into the Maria 01 Community, sharing insights from our startups, partners, and investors and the impact we as a community have on the society and wider startup ecosystem.

Our mission is to provide the best environment and community for startups to grow, and we believe the next world-changing startups are being built in Helsinki. That is why this year’s report includes data and findings both from last year and from the beginning of Maria 01’s history. We have looked into the impact our startups have had on the world around us, including data on everything from raised funding and generated revenue to created jobs and contributing to a more international working environment.

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Key takeaways from the Maria 01 Impact Report 2023

  • Maria 01 startups and alumni companies surpassed the one billion mark for generated revenue since the hub’s establishment in 2016.
  • Maria 01 member startups have raised a total of over €917 million in funding since the beginning of Maria 01 (2016-2023).
  • Maria 01 had a total of 185 startups at the end of 2023, out of which 72 were newly joined.
  • The Maria 01 Community consisted of over 1400 members, representing 42+ nationalities at the end of 2023.
  • Maria 01 startups have paid out nearly €466 million in salaries since the beginning of Maria 01 (2016-2022)
  • Maria 01 saw a 20% increase in new startup applications during 2023 compared to previous years.
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