Maria 01 Impact Report 2021

The Maria 01 Impact Report 2021 is here!

Published for the fourth year in a row, it contains highlights and over 50 data points from the community and Nordic startup ecosystem throughout the proceeding year.

Maria 01 Impact Report 2021

The Maria 01 Impact Report is an annual publication and a comprehensive report on Maria 01’s activities throughout the preceding year. It gives you a look into the Maria 01 Community, sharing insights from our startups, partners, and investors and an analysis of the impact we as a community have on the world around us.

Our goal is to make Maria 01 the world’s largest and most impactful startup hub. By measuring and analysing data of our community, and how our members contribute to solving the world’s sizable problems, we want to be open and transparent about our community’s impact.

Key takeaways from the Maria 01 Impact Report 2021

  • Maria 01 member startups raised a total of €358 million in funding through 59 rounds in 2021.
  • Maria 01 member startups created over 270 new jobs during 2021.
  • With over 1 400 active community members, the Maria 01 Community hosts members from 65 different nationalities.
  • 29 of all startups at the Maria 01 Campus in 2021 were founded by women.
  • The net impact ratio of the startups at Maria 01 in 2021 (calculated with Upright’s net impact model) was +23.
  • The total carbon footprint of the Maria 01 Community in 2020 was 1340t CO₂e. This equals the carbon footprint of 133 average Finns.

Open the report below to dive deeper into the life at Maria 01, the Nordics’ leading startup campus, and learn how the members of our community have continued to impact the society and Nordic startup ecosystem.

Open the Maria 01 Impact Report 2021

The report will open as a pdf in a new window. Feel free to download and share the report with your network. Enjoy!