Privacy Policy & Terms Of Use


We are thrilled that you have decided to apply for our community at Maria 01 campus! When you apply, you have to give us the consent to process your data.

From the application form we get the information like your name, phone number and email, and of course the information you have provided from your company. 

If your application is declined, the data you have provided us will be deleted within 2 years from your original date of the application for the sole purpose of comparing the data you have given us for your new application, if you wish to apply again. If you like, you can also decide not to give us the permission to save your data. In this case, your application will be deleted once it is declined. 

If you are accepted as a member of Maria 01 information you have provided us  is usually created and stored in data systems based on your own actions. These include for example communications, access control logs, space booking history and event registrations. The data you have provided us, will be stored till the end of your membership plus six years for legitimate interests. 


You have the following rights on the info that we hold on you or that any third party we’ve shared your data with holds on you:

  • You may request a copy of all the data
  • You may request the deletion of all the data.
  • You may request that we correct any incorrect data.
  • You may request that we transfer your data directly to another company or entity*
  • You may restrict the processing of data e.g. if you need the data kept as evidence for a legal claim. Please see Article 18 of the GDPR for the exact conditions.
  • You may object to processing for direct marketing purposes.
  • You may revoke your consent at any time, in which case we will seize any further processing of your data and erase it, unless we have a justified reason or legal obligation to keep them.

* Which we will do if feasible with reasonable efforts. Please note, that this ‘right of portability’ applies only to the data you have provided to us yourself, and thus may not apply to all the data we have about you.

If you would like to exercise these rights or revoke your consent (if applicable), please send an e-mail to We aim to fulfill these requests within 30 days, unless we are overwhelmed by the amount of such requests.

After a data deletion request has been fulfilled, your data may survive in backups for some time.


Some of the data may be moved outside the EU by our service provider. We have ensured that the service providers we use have certified in the Privacy Shield framework that provides safety for the data transferred from the EU, or that they have some other legitimate ground to transfer the data outside the EU.