Office Hours with the Maria 01 Partner Network

Office Hours at the Maria 01 Campus allow startups to meet with experts from the community to discuss and receive advice on various topics. Our Maria 01 partner experts are here to give advice and support to our startup members – free of charge.

Check out the upcoming Office Hours below.

Office Hours with Byro Legal

We at Byro entered Maria 01 to contribute to the startup community for our part to make the startups of the Maria 01 happy. We are focusing on technology and corporate law, and dispute resolution which are all essential pieces in the lifecycle of a startup from the legal point of view.

If you have any legal concern that troubles your mind, or some other topics you would like to discuss with us, book a 30 minute meeting or enter without booking to chat over a coffee if we are free.  Themes in the pic could be of your interest but we are more than happy to discuss other themes as well:

What? Legal Break by Byro (Lakisääteinen kahvitauko) with Heikki Lindroos and Artturi Puoskari

When? Wednesday, January 11th from 9.00-17.00 @ Board Room Meeting Room

Why? To discuss legal concerns or other themes.

How? Book your time from our calendar or stop by at [meeting room] to see if we are free. In case you make your booking early enough (24 hours before) we will offer a morning/ afternoon smoothie as well.

Maria 01 Office Hours
Maria 01 Office Hours