Welcome to the Maria 365 Startup Showcase

It’s once again time to welcome ten of Maria 01’s most prominent startups up on stage and invite you to the biggest event of the year – the Maria 365 Startup Showcase.

Maria 365 is the annual gathering of the Maria 01 Community and Nordic startup ecosystem. The event gives you a glimpse into the everyday life at Maria 01 and brings you inspiring stories from founders of the next world-changing companies.

Familiarise yourself with this year’s lineup and sign up to join in on the show online.

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The Showcasing Startups


Introducing an innovative solution that transforms the way we evaluate medical images - Improving patient flow and health outcomes as we take on the world's leading cause of disease and death.


Specialising in remote battery monitoring and predictive battery analytics. Our IoT and cloud analytics solutions enable predictive maintenance of industrial batteries, and make battery use more economical and environmentally friendly.


Exolyt is a leading TikTok Social Intelligence platform for strategy, research, and marketing. Its AI-powered solution gives a transparent and holistic understanding of the voice of the customer and real-time industry trends.


kicker.cloud improves data usage and processes in deal making, with the use of AI and other modern tech. We help deal makers get smart fast, operate efficiently, and scale their operations.


Lovena is a relation hub, that focuses on helping singles who are looking for a long-term relationship and to start a family. We combine dating with self-development and help singles with self-esteem, bettering first impressions (online and offline), and social skills.

Make a BIM

Make a BIM is a scalable and easy-to-use method for generating building information models of existing buildings for building owners.


Shoely uses the power of 3D technology to make it easier to find your perfect fitting shoes.


StoryDrops is a location-based social media app, where you can leave audio "drops" which can be listened to only at specific real-world locations.


People Analytics Solution For high-growth companies who want to ensure employee engagement and organise teams efficiently.


Velbi helps you identify and take action against burnout before it happens.

The Expert Panel

Anna-Maria Henell


Anna-Maria is the co-founder and CEO of Maria 01 Alumni Disior. Disior builds software to measure and model tissue structures in CT- and MRI-images for better diagnosis and treatment planning. Anna-Maria participated in the Maria 365 Startup Showcase in 2021 herself.

Pontus Ogebjer


Pontus Ogebjer Investment Manager at Schibsted Ventures, the leading Nordic CVC investor with over 20 years of experience in venture investments. Focus to help smart founders in the Nordics scale their business & maximise growth.

Pirkka Palomäki


Pirkka Palomäki is Founding Partner at Maki.vc, a €180M seed stage venture capital firm investing in deep techs and distinctive brands including Spinnova and IQM. Pirkka has a long background in tech, both as an investor and in operational roles: he has worked at global cybersecurity company F-Secure in several executive positions (from CTO and strategy director to interim CEO) for more than 16 years, and built the company’s business operations. Pirkka was one of the first investors in European success story Wolt and currently works with Maki’s portfolio companies, such as Happeo, Ultimate, and fintech company Enfuce, which together have raised more than 110 million in growth capital.