Get a glimpse into the life at Maria 01

We are back! Maria 365 is the annual event bringing together Maria 01 and its extended community.

This year, we will give you a glimpse into what life at Maria 01 looks like, by showcasing some of our most promising startups.

The Startup Showcase is a virtual event, making it possible for you to enjoy the show from wherever you are.

So sign up for the show, sit back and get ready to be inspired by the up-and-coming success stories of Maria 01!

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The Showcasing Startups

Greenele Oy

Greenele is specializing in electrical vehicle charging solutions for housing companies. During the past three years Greenele has installed over 1 000 charging points and surveyed over 200 housing companies.

Spark Sustainability

Spark Sustainability is on a mission to enable 1 billion climate actions. Spark gives its users science-based facts on greenhouse gas emissions, and how climate actions can improve our quality of life.


A mental health company on a mission to improve people's well being. Oyama has developed a platform to provide users with peer-support and personalized, evidence-based tools to understand yourself better.


A cloud-based video analysis and highlight production service powered by AI. By combining state-of-the-art machine learning and computer vision, AISpotter achieved a breakthrough in video analysis.

Positive Learning

educators about the possibilities of the positive learning methods, while producing the materials supporting teachers, schools and parents on their journey to better learning.


Causalus is developing a software to solve the challenges related to polypharmacy. Causalus makes it easier and faster to review, monitor and standardise complex medications.


A SaaS company developing software for the construction industry. Metroc’s goal is to help digitalize the construction industry and be the number one software partner for their customers.

Themo Nordic

Themo is the first digital thermostat, which takes into account real time electricity spot price, outside weather, your preset temperature levels and your home unique consumption profile.

Emmy Clothing Company

Emmy is a pioneering service for consumers to effortlessly recirculate brand apparel that they no longer need. Emmy offers an effortless turnkey service for people to wake up the money sleeping in their wardrobes.


Disior is bringing advanced medical imaging software to doctors’ day-to-day work. They have developed software to measure and model tissue structures in CT- and MRI-images for better diagnosis and treatment planning.

The VC Panel

Paavo Räisänen

Paavo is a Partner at, working with deep tech and brand-driven technology companies at pre-seed and seed stage across Europe. From research-based deep tech spin-offs to enterprise software, fintech, new materials and industrial tech, his investments span the B2B spectrum. As a former web developer, entrepreneur and startup executive, Paavo has acquired practical knowledge on commercialisation and business building from strategy to operations.

Ekaterina Gianelli


Ekaterina is a Partner of the Nordic VC firm Inventure. As an operator-turned-VC, she invests in seed and early-stage and loves working closely with founders to help them build their teams and scale globally. Staying sector-agnostic, she is on the lookout for ambitious teams around the Nordics. Currently, her areas of interest include consumer businesses, digital health, femtech, future of food and conscious consumption. Prior to joining Inventure, Ekaterina was part of the team scaling Fjord from a small consultancy into a world leading design and innovation firm.

Petteri Koponen


Petteri has founded five companies, including Jaiku and First Hop. In addition to the various start-up CxO roles and board memberships, he has been the chairman of Supercell, Grand Cru, Everywear Games and Petteri has experience on public companies as a board member of Elisa, Finland’s largest telco, in addition to working for Google in Mountain View and London after its acquisition of Jaiku. In his free time, Petteri hangs out with his family, pumps iron, plays games, writes (toy) code, and enjoys books and movies. He is currently the chairman of Wolt and Varjo.

Riku Seppälä

Riku Seppälä is the general partner of, investing in prominent early stage startup teams. Riku has long been part of the Nordic startup ecosystem, being an entrepreneur himself and has then remained and active member.