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Maria 01: Boosting the Air Quality We Breathe on Campus

Our collaboration with Air0 strengthens our commitment towards constant improvement of our campus facilities and conditions for our members.

Maria 01: Boosting the Air Quality We Breathe on Campus

During our refreshed identity launch last week, we shared our compromise towards a constant improvement of our facilities, our services, and our efficiency to prepare for future expansions.

Furthermore, collaborating with our startup members has always been a focus when there is a clear need. For example, last year, we successfully conducted our community value co-creation process together with in-house startup Innoduel (a participation platform for remote engagement).

We are happy to share our latest collaboration with Air0 – a provider of premium indoor air purification solutions for professional spaces.

Upgrading Our Campus’ Pandemic Safety

Air0 is one of the fantastic startup companies with HQ at Maria 01 and has been with us for over a year. Their “Clean Air as a Service” concept solution will be used on our campus to exhaust all options that ensure optimal pandemic safety for our campus members.

Through this collaboration, we want to ease some of the anxiety behind the pandemic—Air0 devices can provide additional protection in the fight against the novel coronavirus.

When it comes to air pollutants, the ultrafine particles are the most harmful for human beings, the most difficult to observe with sensors and the hardest ones to catch with filters without compromising on the air flow – Air0 Purifiers remove even the ultrafine particles.

At Maria 01, taking this solution as part of our stack was even more comfortable because of Air0’s service model. There is no need for significant investment, and we could deploy the solution fast. Moreover, measuring the air quality and seeing how it affects people is critical to us in the long term.

Naturally, our current recommendation is for our members to work from home if possible, but in the case, there is a need to go to the office and use the shared spaces, all the precautions are currently in use.

Maria 01 is super excited about this collaboration. We look forward to measuring our air quality and see its effect in the future.

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