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Maria 01 Announces the Appointment of Four New Board Members

Maria 01 is happy to announce the appointment of a new Board of Directors. The new members were elected in Maria 01’s additional Annual Meeting on the 10th of November 2022, bringing the total number of board members to six.

Maria 01 Announces the Appointment of Four New Board Members

The new board members elected are Antti Tuomela, Clarisse Berggårdh, Jyri Lindén and Mirkku Kullberg. Janne Snellman who joined the board earlier this year will continue as a member, as well as Jarmo Hyökyvaara, appointed as the new Chair of the Board.

The new appointments bring in a variety of skills in real estate, service business, marketing and design, added with extensive leadership experience, to help reach Maria 01’s growth- and strategy-related goals.

Presentation of the Maria 01 Board Members

Jarmo Hyökyvaara

Jarmo founded his first company in 1986, after which he’s been involved in founding numerous companies e.g. Smartum, offering employee benefits. The desire to strengthen people is his driving force, and he sees the ability to perceive larger entities as his strongest competence. In 2009 Jarmo left operational duties and became a full-time owner and board member.

Mirkku Kullberg

Mirkku is the founder and CEO of Glasshouse Helsinki, a future-oriented concept store and gallery space for sustainable experiences. She is a creative thinker with strong motivation for responsible growth and sustainability strategies. Mirkku has deep experience in branding, increased market penetration, and international business development.

Clarisse Berggårdh

Clarisse is the CEO of Helsinki Partners, responsible for marketing the city and attracting investment and talent to Finland’s capital. Her strengths include a solid understanding of media, marketing and technology. Through her previous roles, Clarisse has years of experience leading teams and building international partnerships.

Jyri Lindén

Jyri is the co-founder of Nordic Business Group Oy. The concern’s internationally known business seminar, Nordic Business Forum, gathers over 7000 business leaders annually. Currently, Jyri acts as the CEO of the concern’s real estate investment company Nordic Business Investments Oy.

Antti Tuomela

Antti is an experienced property and urban developer, currently working as Vice President of Property Development at AINS Group. Previously he was a co-founder and CEO of Spacent and Managing Director of Aalto University Properties. Antti is an active thought-leader and practitioner in flex space sector and new workplace trends.

Janne Snellman

Janne is the CFO of Supercell, a global game company based in Helsinki. He is an experienced results-oriented, entrepreneurial-minded financial and legal executive with a proven track record of growing startups into success. Janne has more than ten years of experience in the international ICT business.

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