A List of Active Startup Recruitment Platforms and Initiatives During COVID-19 in Finland

Maria 01 has gathered a list of local and Nordic players, helping tech startups to retain talent, and for great talents open for new opportunities to land a new job.

A List of Active Startup Recruitment Platforms and Initiatives During COVID-19 in Finland

The current COVID-19 situation has been hitting hard companies of all sizes. Startups and growth companies have been forced to lay-off great talent, whilst other companies are actively recruiting new talent to scale. Subsequently, there have been new initiatives launched due to COVID-19, thus making existing free services crucial.

Here is a list of active startup recruitment platforms to keep searching for jobs and recruiting talent in Finland:

Agile Search

Agile Search matches tech experts with the most exciting opportunities in attractive companies. As a result of the crisis, Agile Search has created a free service, matching talents who have lost their jobs due to the crisis and in need of employment with companies who are hiring.

  • Startups, list jobs here.
  • Talents, apply for jobs here.

Barona Luova

Barona Creative matches the right person with the right job. Barona provides recruitment services, personnel hire as well as maintaining and building specialist pools.

As a startup, you might need someone to help you out for 2- 3 days a week. You could also share the expert resource with another startup company. Barona Luova will help you find the best specialists to secure your success and growth. This allows you to focus on your own business.

Barona Luova has built an expert pool to provide organizations with flexible and easy-to-use skills, for example, to implement various marketing activities (e.g. creating content/stories, digital marketing, graphic design). The experts can work full- or part-time on a project basis. Barona Luova states that their strengths are flexibility, speed and ease.

The Hub

The Hub was founded with one mission, to help startups grow. As a result of their success, The Hub is as of today, representing over 6000 Nordic startups and has since 2016 matched startups, talents and investors with each other. Operated by Rainmaking, Maria 01 and powered by Danske Bank, The Hub is the largest startup job page in the Nordics and it is free for all users. Startup users have access to an applicant tracking system (ATS), free tools, and investor matchmaking tool. Moreover, Workable and Lever can also be integrated with The Hub.

  • Startups, VCs and ecosystem players can join The Hub and add their jobs here.
  • Talent, apply for jobs here.
  • Subscribe to the job newsletter here.

Meet Frank

MeetFrank’s talent-driven marketplace has helped companies of all sizes to find talent and for talent to smoothly hunt for jobs on their own terms. MeetFrank has a free trial.

  • Check out MeetFrank here.

Recycling Nordic Tech Talent (COVID-19) List

Initiated by Neil Murray, the founder behind The Nordic Web and Partner of Nordic Web Ventures, Nordic startups have put together an open-source list for startups recruiting and talent looking for jobs. The aim is to retain Nordic tech talent. The list is constantly being updated by startups and talents. Check out the various sheets.

  • Hiring companies to be listed here.
  • Looking for a job, add your contact details here.


Toughbyte, based at Maria 01, is founded by developers but they work with all technical roles. In addition to permanent ones, they have contract positions for freelancers. They have experience with relocation and remote positions across the Nordics, and elsewhere in Europe & the US. Toughbyte never charge candidates and have cashflow friendly & flexible success fee only based pricing for startups. 

  • Startups, get a free consultation by leaving your contact info here.
  • Developers, QAs, designers, PMs, architects, etc., see some open positions and leave your details here.

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