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Launching the Maria 01 Investor Collective: an Initiative for the Community by the Community

Maria 01 is where startups, investors, ecosystem builders, and corporates work together investing in brave ideas, and benefit from the community’s unexpected opportunities. Now for the first time, we are together with the community launching a unique initiative – by the community for the community. Let us introduce to you the Maria 01 Investor Collective.

Launching the Maria 01 Investor Collective: an Initiative for the Community by the Community

We love co-locating our investors to walk amongst our founders

Since the start, Maria 01 has been a unique startup community. By bringing more than +150 startups, +10 VCs together, and +20 partners under one roof. It has not only strengthened the ecosystem for the last years, it has also given a new dimension to startup hubs. 

Our campus hosts the vast majority of all Finnish venture capital funds. The investors focus on various scopes, from deep-tech to gaming, investing in stages from pre-seed up to A and B rounds. Furthermore, we work closely with some of the leading foreign venture capital funds and investor networks in Europe. Check out our Investor Network on the campus here

As a vibrant community, creating valuable encounters, there is always room for community engagement and creating valuable encounters and opportunities. With the help of our in-house investors, we have together initiated the Maria 01 Investor Collective.

The Maria 01 Investor Collective: Support the Maria 01-based startups on their mission to become world-conquering companies

The Maria 01 Investor Collective represents the in-house VCs and investor networks of Maria 01. The 13 in-house investors of Maria 01 are Inventure,, Superhero Capital, Icebreaker, Gorilla Capital, NGP Capital, Courage Ventures, Butterfly, Wave Ventures, FiBan, Nordic Ninja, Voima Ventures, and Play Ventures

The fundamental goal of initiating the Investor Collective of Maria 01 is to; Bring the Maria 01 startup and investor members closer together, to establish stronger connections and relationships between the investors and the early-stage teams, and provide the startup members with mentoring and best practice advice by some of the leading investors from the Nordics. 

The topic of the events’ vary from startup branding, talent, and growth hacking to fundraising and pitching. The first event will take place in September. The Investor Collective events will be running on a monthly basis. Keep your eyes and ears open for the upcoming events.

Members can register to the event via the Maria 01 Members Portal.

For more questions about Maria 01 Investor Collective:

Jessica Blechingberg
Chief Network Officer

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