Community Member event
Date: March 12th, 2024
Where:In-person at Maria 01, Lars Sonck

Hosted by:Maria 01 & Microsoft

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Microsoft and Elisa Collaboration Launch Breakfast

Microsoft and Elisa Collaboration Launch Breakfast
Community Member event
Date: March 12th, 2024
Where:In-person at Maria 01, Lars Sonck

Hosted by:Maria 01 & Microsoft

Microsoft and Elisa launch co-operation to help startups succeed

Microsoft and Elisa have launched a new co-operation to support the growth and success of startups at Maria 01, the leading startup campus in the Nordics. The co-operation provides access to exclusive benefits, resources, and opportunities for startups that are building innovative solutions using Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft is a leading technology company that provides a wide range of tools and services to help startups grow and succeed. By choosing Microsoft as a platform, startups can benefit from its robust and secure cloud infrastructure, access to cutting-edge technologies such as AI and machine learning, and a wide range of tools and services designed specifically for startups.

Elisa is a Finnish market leader in telecommunications, and one of the largest IT suppliers in Finland. Our mission is a sustainable future through digitalisation. We want to boost innovation and growth for our customers with the best technologies available. 

Join us for the Collaboration Launch Breakfast at Maria 01 Lars Sonck-venue on Tuesday, 12th March 2024

Join us at the collaboration launch event on the 12th of March at Maria 01 to discover how Microsoft and Elisa can propel your startup towards success. The event will cover the latest developments in AI, providing valuable insights for attendees.


  • 8:30 Breakfast starts
  • 9:00 How Microsoft and Elisa’s collaboration brings even more tools for startups to succeed – Elisa & Microsoft co-operation announcement and info on the Elisa services by Mari Tuominen (Microsoft Finland) and Antti Ruippo (Elisa)
  • 9:15 Microsoft AI strategy and what it means to software companies by Teemu Vidgren (Microsoft Finland)
  • 9:45 How Elisa leverages Microsoft’s AI solutions to enhance its products and services, and how it collaborates with startups in the AI domain by Markus Lintuala (Elisa) and Mika Vilpo (Elisa)
  • 10:00 Microsoft Founders Hub offers and services, and how they can help startups solve problems, create value, and scale up by Mika Hämäläinen (Microsoft Finland)
  • 10:10 Networking
  • 11:00 Event ends 
Teemu Vidgren, Chief Operating Officer,
Microsoft Finland
Mari Tuominen, Director, SMC Business,
Microsoft Finland
Mika Hämäläinen, Azure Success Manager, Microsoft Finland 
Mika Vilpo, Senior Technical Consultant,
Markus Lintuala, Senior Technical Consultant, Elisa
Antti Ruippo, Business Manager, Hybrid Cloud Services

Benefits of Elisa & Microsoft Co-operation

Through this collaboration, startups can find numerous valuable operations:

  • Get up to $150,000 worth of Azure credits for 4 years from Microsoft Founders Hub to use for your cloud services, tools, and infrastructure. Other benefits include technical support and mentoring
  • Get access to technical experts, mentors, and tech evangelization from Microsoft and Elisa to help you with your product development, architecture, and scaling challenges.
  • Get exposure to potential customers, partners, and investors from Microsoft and Elisa’s networks, as well as opportunities to showcase your solutions at events and media platforms
  • Join a community of Azure startups to get latest information on tech and business and how to grow your business with us

Ongoing Engagement with Elisa & Microsoft

To facilitate continuous engagement, Elisa & Microsoft representatives will be available every Thursday at the Maria 01 campus. Tech Corner sessions, held every other Thursday, focus on technical queries, while Business Corner sessions, on alternate Thursdays, address questions related to Founders Hub, Elisa offerings, and more.

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We look forward to welcoming you to the co-operation and helping you grow your startup with Azure!

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