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How to get max visibility for you and your portfolio through earned media

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How to get max visibility for you and your portfolio through earned media

How to get max visibility for you and your portfolio through earned media

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October 6th – Online Panel Discussion

With more venture capital available than ever, VC investors need to get the word out about their values and offering in a very crowded market to gain interest from the best startups and potential LPs and GPs.

Earned media visibility is one of the best ways for you as a VC to gain visibility! In addition, creating buzz around your portfolio companies will help them reach out to the next, bigger investors or create connections for exit potential.

But how to make sure it’s you and your portfolio companies that actually make the news? Understanding what kind of stories journalists are looking for and how to pitch them is the key to making a big splash in the media.

Join us for an online panel discussion organized by San Francisco Agency and Maria 01, where top journalists and PR people share their top tricks and tips for making it on a crowded market.

Special Keynote

Robin Wauters –

Robin is a seasoned technology journalist, analyst, keynote speaker and event curator, as well as the founding editor of, the premier source of European tech news, data analysis and market intelligence. He was formerly the European Editor of The Next Web, and before that a senior editor at TechCrunch. Robin is also one of the co-founders of BeCentral, the digital campus located in Brussels Central Station that has helped thousands of people learn technologies, grow a startup and have a positive impact on society.


Elina Lappalainen – HS Visio

Elina Lappalainen is a Business Journalist in Helsingin Sanomat Visio, covering startups and growth companies. She has covered the Finnish startup scene, funding rounds, big growth stories and people behind them since 2011. HS Visio is the new business section of Helsingin Sanomat newspaper.  

Reetta Pesonen – Slush

Reetta P. joined the Slush 2021 team in June and works with PR, comms, and media relations. Her background is in communications, and she is finishing her Master’s Degree in Corporate Communication at the University of Jyväskylä. 

Reetta Heiskanen –

Reetta H. currently builds the platform and marketing functions at She is a Slush alumna, launched programming and robotics courses to Nordic high schools with Mehackit and scaled Brella in the U.S, while living in New York. She has also worked as a journalist at Helsingin Sanomat. 


Reetta and Timothy are the startup and investor specialists at San Francisco Agency. Their main responsibilities include executing big splash funding announcements, while creating meaningful comms strategies for early-stage startups ready to scale internationally.

Reetta Ilo – San Fransisco Agency
Timothy Gilbert – San Fransisco Agency