Maria 01 code of conduct

This code applies to all the members, partners, investors, and employees of Maria 01.

Maria 01 is a community for the startup ecosystem. We are a league of tech entrepreneurs, startup workers, community builders, investors, and partners building the future – together. Since the start, Maria 01 has provided its premises to become a home base for its members, fostering great teams and supporting growth companies.

We are a strong community because we share the same beliefs. Our values are built on trust, supporting each other, and great friendship. Our views reflect on the values we share and the culture we’ve created together. Our community is diverse, transparent, collaborative, trustworthy, and future-oriented.

Every Maria 01 member is an example of the community.

We empower each other and grow together

We appreciate the laid back, funky, and hard working. We cheer for the ambitious and support each other.

We are a diverse community

We believe that diversity improves the quality of teamwork and performance. A diverse workforce with a mix of cultures, genders, and backgrounds is flexible and creative.

We give first and take later

We encourage our community to pay it forward to the members. We are a community that helps each other out. By helping each other, we also gain ourselves.

We respect each other

We treat each other with care and admiration. We have a strict no harassment policy. The “No Asshole” rule means we don’t accept any behavior or harassment such as:

  • Offensive verbal or online comments related to gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, race, or religion.
  • Inappropriate physical contact and or unwelcome sexual attention.

We are trustworthy and transparent

We encourage people to share information. Sharing information allows us to collaborate. However, we assume that the information transferred to us is confidential. When we are unsure of confidentiality, we either don’t share or never reveal the information source.

What happens if you don’t follow our code of conduct?

1. Depending on the severity, a warning is issued.
2. Upon the second infraction, we expulse the member (or worse, legal action).

All team members in a company may be held accountable for a single company employee’s unethical actions, depending on the circumstances.

We will stand behind you in the good times and the bad, as long as you behave ethically.

We are here for you: if you see something, say something

If you experience or witness a breach of this code, you are responsible for informing a member of the Maria 01 team as soon as possible.
If you feel you have been harassed or have witnessed harassment, contact either in person, email, text message, phone call, or Slack.

Ville Simola


ville [at] maria [dot] io