We are a diverse and international community

We welcome the weird, brave, and ambitious as our members. Our campus members are startups, game studios, venture capital companies, corporates, and startup organizations. We represent over 40 different nationalities and industries, such as FinTech, Enterprise Software, Analytics & Big Data, and Gaming.


We carefully select our local and global partner network

Together with our partners, we drive forward the next generation of tech entrepreneurs to develop new technologies and transform industries. Together with our global networks of friends, we provide a local-aid-guide to some of the hottest tech hubs worldwide.

The most prominent venture capital firms in Finland are part of our community. Together with a strong presence of international venture capital companies, we provide new deal flow to our investors. This is the best place to stay up-to-date about exciting startups, as well as network with other investors.


We support and empower each other

We equip our members with the right tools, working spaces, and knowledge to build upon. The community facilitates the right bridges needed to access funding, customers, new services, and talent. The unique location and our connections to the global startup and venture ecosystem foster collaboration between our members to help each other succeed.