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Maria 01 Team

Sarita Runeberg
Chief Executive Officer
sarita [at] maria [dot] io

Anni Anttonen
Chief Operating Officer
anni [at] maria [dot] io

Alina Airinen
Chief Financial Officer
(on maternity leave)
alina [at] maria [dot] io

Hanna Nylund
Chief Impact Officer
(on maternity leave)
hanna [at] maria [dot] io

Tomi Kuusio
Head of Facilities
tomi [at] maria [dot] io

Paramartha Narendradhipa
Head of Events & Production
para [at] maria [dot] io

Josephine Benzie
Partnerships Lead
josephine [at] maria [dot] io

Henri Kuusla
Partnerships Manager (Investors)
henri [at] maria [dot] io

Rolands Kazlauskas
Operations Manager
rolands [at] maria [dot] io

Jani Ruohomaa
Service Manager
jani [at] maria [dot] io

Milja Liljeström
Service Specialist
milja [at] maria [dot] io

Robert Evans
Facilities Specialist
robert [at] maria [dot] io

Violetta Korhonen
Events Marketing Manager
violetta [at] maria [dot] io

Elina Vastakoski
Marketing Coordinator
elina [at] maria [dot] io

Camilla Mikama
Marketing & Communications Manager
camilla [at] maria [dot] io

Maria 01 Board of Directors

Jarmo Hyökyvaara
Chair of the Board

Mirkku Kullberg
Board Member

Jyri Lindén
Board Member

Janne Snellman
Board Member

Antti Tuomela
Board Member

Clarisse Berggårdh
Board Member

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