A startup ecosystem
under one roof

Maria 01 is the leading startup campus in the Nordics. We provide the most thriving environment for ambitious tech startups, venture capitalists, and large enterprises in the tech community to help each other succeed. 

Maria 01’s vision is to be the most impactful startup campus in Europe. We want all startups in Finland to have a place where they can dream, try new ideas, sometimes fail, but eventually start again and find their way to growth and success.


A campus with the community at its core

Maria 01 has positioned itself as one of the leading startup operators in the Nordic region. Our community provides a thriving environment for industry-agnostic startups, recognized venture capital firms and investors in Europe, startup ecosystem organizations, and large enterprises with a strong foothold in the tech community, helping each other succeed.


A gathering spot for the builders of the future

With our robust network of partners, experts, and community builders, we equip our members with the right tools, working spaces, and knowledge to build upon their businesses. Our community facilitates the right bridges needed to access different funding options, customers, new services, and talent—our unique location and connection to the global startup and venture community foster collaborations beyond borders.