A campus with history that keeps on making history

Maria 01 is located in an old hospital campus that dates back to the 1800s. “Marian Sairaala” (Maria’s hospital) was the first and oldest hospital in Helsinki. The hospital was also the first in the Nordics to hire the first female doctor.

The name “Maria’s Hospital” was given in 1886 to honor Maria Feodorovna, Aleksander’s wife, the III of Russia, who dedicated it to her and gifted it to celebrate the couple’s silver wedding.
In 1943 the hospital served as a war hospital, and in 1959 it was turned into a public hospital, up until 2014, when it closed down the hospital-operations permanently.

Today, the hospital’s historical site is under protection, and thus the outer facade of the main building remains intact. The newest pavilion was rebuilt in the ’90s after a fire. 2016 became a history-changing year for the hospital.


The Hospital that went FROM ZERO TO ONE

Our community represents the essence of building a startup: going from nothing to something. Maria 01 solved the problem of not having a community targeted to startups that could offer more than just a “coworking space.”

There could have been another hospital. Instead, an old hospital was turned into a startup community that hosts over one thousand tech-heads and grows to be Europe’s largest startup campus.

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