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The Best Team Off-Site Locations And Experiences In Finland

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We spend several hours per week in the workplace, so why not get closer to the people you work with? It is not about being intrusive into people’s lives but about openness and understanding to whom people are outside of work. Doing activities together can help work-teams develop an amazing team spirit and give everyone a sense of belonging.

Uunisaari. Photo by Tapio Haaja.

We spend several hours per week in the workplace, so why not get closer to the people you work with? It is not about being intrusive into people’s lives but about openness and understanding to whom people are outside of work. Doing activities together can help work-teams develop an amazing team spirit and give everyone a sense of belonging.

In Finland, there are 2 seasons that are ideal for organising team off-sites: Spring & Autumn. Summer isn’t far from ideal, but that’s the vacation peak season in the country — you just want to get out of the office! Inside our tech-community, we are surrounded by over 100 startups that work hard to keep a thriving team spirit and take advantage of Finland’s natural wonders.

We asked around and we were able to put together a super comprehensive list of places and activities that can give you ideas for getaways with your team. The suggestions have been tested and thus we are happy to recommend!

PS: The list is also ideal if you are expecting guests from abroad and want to brag about Finnish nature & outdoor activities.

🍃 Nuuksio National Park

If you are in the capital area, this greenery pack is ideal for a day or overnight visit. In the area there are plenty of options for fully equipped villas/cabins with own sauna and lake area. If all you need is a breath of fresh air, then head over to Nuuksio.

Accommodation Suggestions In Nuuksio

  • Hawkhill: With only a 45 minute drive from Helsinki, you will be fully immersed in Nuuksio’s fresh forests. Hawkhill has a breathtaking selection of traditional Finnish cottages with a a minimum 2 night stays. Check more info here.
  • Haltia: If you are looking for a day-off-site rather close to Helsinki, this is the place. Haltia is a nature center , where you can learn about Finnish nature, while having a team meeting in one of their inspiring venues. Check more info here.

⛱ Hanko

Hanko is widely known as one of Finland’s best summer-beach towns. However, this southern Finnish coast is equally attractive all year long and makes a great choice for visits during the months of May and June as a pre-warming of the summer season. There are plenty of accommodation options for an overnight stay, which you can easily check from Airbnb or from the city’s portal.

Saarijärvi. Photo by Tapio Haaja.

💦 Turku Archipelago

There are rumours that Turku Archipelago is one of the most beautiful in the whole world. With around 20,000 islands in pristine natural state and skerries, this has to be one of Finland’s most recommended getaway locations. From trail walks, cycling routes, sunset & wildlife sights and more, the archipelago works perfectly for a longer stay team getaways.

Accommodation Suggestion In Turku Archipelago

  • Hinders: In the island of Nauvo, you will find the traditional Finnish cottages by Hinders. You can rent the cottages and additionally enjoy some other activities such as berry & mushroom picking, fishing, heat up the sauna, and more. Check more info here.
  • Storfinnhova Gård: Not everyday you get to experience an underground smoke sauna with a flowing river. Sounds crazy but it does exist. The location offers many other recreational activities and of course accommodation. Check more info here.

🏚 Porvoo

At just one hour away from Helsinki, Porvoo has one of Finland’s most beautiful old towns. They say it is the most beautiful during summer time, but we can’t agree. Porvoo’s small streets with their small-shop filled streets make it a perfect day getaway anytime of the year with your team. Of course, if you want to get lost for longer than a day, finding the more unique spots in the old town can be checked from AirBnb or from the city’s portal.

🇫🇮 Helsinki

You know the drill, Helsinki is a beautiful city and there is plenty to do for a quick team getaway if you are in the area. For example, small islands like Saunasaari can be a fantastic choice if you are looking for a remote location but still close to the city. Besides the above, there are many cool spots for a team lunch/dinner. Most of these, have been tested and approved by the Maria 01 team within the quality/value/budget ratio.

Restaurant Suggestions

  • Pontus Restaurant: Definitely not a Michelin star but a tasty pizza menu & more for all sorts of tastebuds. Check the place here.
  • Sea Horse Restaurant: This is a must visit if you want to eat at a place with a lot of history. Sea Horse is one of Helsinki’s oldest restaurants serving true Finnish food. Check the place here.
  • Kannas Restaurant: Another gem in Helsinki with a strong history and a tasty Finnish menu. Extra points to this one because they have a music quiz going on every Thursday evening. Check the place here.
Photo by Jay Wennington. Unsplash.

💃🏽 Fun Experiences

Last but not least, we wanted to provide a list of different activities that can put your team to the test. We asked our members to let us know what other activities they have done that can be rather fun and bring out people’s survival instinct. Check these out!

· Go Karts

This is perfect to bring out the competitive gene amongst the team. VM Karting is Vantaa seems like a good place to start.

· Escape Rooms

This can totally put your team to the test. If you have never brought your team to a escape room, we can assure you this will spice things up. The Maria 01 team has visited Truescape in Punavuori — they have locations all over Helsinki.

Cocktail Lab at Starter Restaurant. Photo by Laura Hujanen

· Cocktail Lab

Last year, Starter Restaurant launched their “Cocktail Lab Concept. Cocktails are an art and there is a science to it. Starter makes sure you learn that science while sipping from the glasses and sharing some laughs with your team. Totally recommended. You can inquire directly with them here.

· Zippy Line Parks

Definitely not suitable for everyone, especially those afraid of heights. However, if you have a team where sports are heavily appreciated, a Zippy Line park is extremely recommended. Even if you enjoy sports, walking in between the tall trees and passing thru the checkpoints is a thrilling experience. Zippy Line park in Helsinki “Zippy” has a good offering for groups.

· Spa Day

Perhaps a spa is not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of “team fun”. However, Finland has a nice array of spa’s just perfect for a day visit. For example, in the capital area, Flaming Spa is an interesting combination between a water park and a proper spa. They have a general swimming area that its often filled with families and another area targeted to adults (groups or couples). It can be a fun and affordable day-getaway for your team only 30 min away from the city center. Check out more info here.

· Wakeboarding

Not a very mainstream activity in Finland but definitely super fun. Truth is , no one does wakeboarding on their own, you have to bring your gang along. For example Laguuniin in Espoo really targets their water park activities to groups with a ton of fun guaranteed. You can check it out here.

We hope the list above gave you some inspiration for your team off-site! Sometimes, you don’t always need to spend a lot of money to have fun, but instead, take advantage of all the free outdoor spots that Finland offers. Let us know if there are any other special places you have visited with your team so we can share the tip with our hospital community.