What Is The Role Of Women In Entrepreneurship at Maria 01?

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Today, March 8th, the world gathers in unison to celebrate women’s achievements and raise awareness against gender bias.

What Is The Role Of Women In Entrepreneurship at Maria 01?
Maria’s Hospital (Marian Sairaala) in Helsinki was the first hospital in the Nordics to have a female doctor.

Today, we showcase 11 different women at Maria 01 working on different fields and they give an answer to the title in question: What is the role of women in entrepreneurship?

Their role is to be founders & creators

Their role is to be investors and drivers of change

Their role is to be leaders & sources of inspiration

Celebrate the women in your organisation everyday and think how you can inspire other women near you to become entrepreneurs, investors or to pursue technical careers. Schools & universities are a fantastic place to start if we want a tech industry with more equal gender ratios.

If you consider there is a lack of diversity in your team, check out the following resources to help you get started. It’s possible to achieve it:

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