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Slush 2017 Week: So Many Parties, So Little Time

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Slush 2017 is only 9 days away and next week promises to be the most busy for many attending Slush. You have to be prepared for a perfect pitch if […]

Slush 2017 Week: So Many Parties, So Little Time
Photo By Jussi Hellsten for Slush 2016

Slush 2017 is only 9 days away and next week promises to be the most busy for many attending Slush. You have to be prepared for a perfect pitch if you’re a startup or if you’re an investor your listening and decision making skills need to be the sharpest. Of course, if you’re just attending Slush for the sake of it being the best and biggest startup event — you might have the chance to enjoy much more,walking through the venue halls and attending as many talks as possible by all the amazing speakers Slush promised this year.

One of the best things about Slush is that the startup ecosystem involved realizes how important it is to keep the hype up, before, during and after the event. If you’re active in the startup community — your party invites have already given you a hard time to accommodate them all in your schedule. Of course, if you’re young and energetic your instinct might be telling you “ have fun until there is no tomorrow”.

For many of us, this is the time to shine through with next level organizational skills and make the choice: what party/ies should I attend this year? Check them out — we’ve put together by date all Slush Official Parties plus side ones. Check them out:

Tuesday November 28th — Pre Slush Pool Party

Come down to have a bevvy with us and to set up the mood by learning what amazing things to do with Artificial Intelligence, presented by the three-time technology startup entrepreneur and the Director of Solutions Architecture of Google Cloud, Miles Ward! — Talent

Wednesday November 29th — The Nordic Underground Party (only with Slush badge)

An evening dedicated to meet friends, entrepreneurs and investors from all around the Nordic region and beyond. As Slush will be just a night away — we want to gather everyone together to meet and greet each other and connect, over food, drinks, and music. — Slush

Wednesday November 29th-December 1st — Slush Founders’ Street

During the evenings of November 29–December 1, you can follow the deep beats and energetic echoes to Kalevankatu 1–3. Six bars are joining forces and together they create the Founders’ Street — the main gathering point for Slush attendees in central Helsinki. — Slush

Wednesday November 29th — Official Slush Opening Party (only with badge)

A lineup of artists, DJ’s, Singa hosting karaoke, and over 20,000 guests from around the globe coming together. Let’s kippis (cheers) for the upcoming two days! — Slush

Wednesday November 29th — Slush Music Afterworks Closing Party (only with badge)

After two days of networking, learning and combining tech with music, it’s time to catch the last vibes of Slush Music. Head over to Maxine for the last chill out afterworks and night celebration before going home. — Slush

Thursday November 30th — Slush Day 1 Afterworks

Over 30 bars, pubs, restaurants, and clubs around the Helsinki city center are calling for sobers. Enjoy the evening in one place, or gather your new friends and make it a proper crawl! The doors are open for everyone, but with your Slush wristband, you may get something special from the bartenders. — Slush

Friday December 1st — The Utopic Slush AfterParty (only with Slush badge)

It’s been called legendary, it’s been called mythic. This year, they describe it as utopic — whatever that means, it will be out of this world. Loosen up the hustle for once, and let the rhymes shake a Finn out of you! It’s time for the Utopic Slush Afterparty. — Slush

Friday December 1st — Reaktor on: Bring the Devs Back. Again.

Epic lightning talks, plenty of food and drinks, and an atmosphere like no other. At Slush.D, developers own the night. Join Reaktor and Slush for an evening tailored for the brightest tech-heads in Europe! — Reaktor